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Body and Movement Therapy (new)

Have you noticed that the children are alive, flexible, resilient, and as they grow and experiencing life, their body is getting slower, less alive and quick. Have you wondered, where their energy is gone? All experience „sunk“ into the body, it has become a memory. If we listen and feel the „language“ to one’s body, we „see“ that some places became stiffer, weaker and more painful than others. Here ‘imprinted’ memories, unsurvived emotions, tension … It is becoming increasingly difficult to accept your body, and most of all – love it. Through body movements, breathing, touch will encounter the memories, emotions and images into the conscious mind.

Benefits of working with the body and movement (by R. Stelingis):
1. Reset contact with bodily processes,
2. Verbalized body experience,
3. Make sense of the movements, sensations, and other nonverbal processes,
4. Restore the connection between the mind and the body,
5. Integrate the experience into a unified whole.

Who needs it?
1. Reducing the various types of pain.
2. Relax tensions.
3. To recover the body clearance.
4. Improve mood.
5. Enlarge the joy of life.
You will learn to rediscover your body, to accept it deliberately and fall in love with it.

Duration: 1 – 1,5 hour.
Price of meeting: 25 euro.
Ensures confidentiality.

*Nijolė Lukošienė study in Institute of Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy (Linda Hartley, UK).