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Emotional and Physical Journey

“Take part in your own healing process(Brandon Bays).
Visualization method, which helps You  to travel toward self-knowledge easier.

It is recommended to perform “the emotional journey” first, and then move on to “the physical travel”.

Duration: about 3 hours.

1 step. Emotional Journey by Brandon Bays
This is a process in which time stops-like. It’s time when you search for answers within yourself. Like diving deeper and deeper into your being.

You‘d Learn

  1. to listen to your body signals,
  2. feel, what events and/or people that is concerned,
  3. to raise emotions and make them survive till the end,
  4. to find inner peace, joy and light that was overgrown by mud,

It’s like a path, where „you brake an ice, you will find silver, you brake silver, you will find gold“ .

I wish to You to discover Your inner treasures/ inner beauty and share it with the others.

Feedback about the emotional journey by Liudmila:
It was like a parachute jump into the abyss the darkness and the unknown depths of my own It was scary, exciting, sad, angry, hurt … all showed up in a very short period of time
but how much joy, laughter, tears and relief flooded after! I reached the bottom of the abyss and discovered the source of love my own essence … it’s nondescript by words … it’s worth to feel
Audrone, thank you for the concern, care and created safe space for the survival of this trip. Sincere, a big thank you;)))

2 step. Physical Journey by Brandon Bays

It is my experience that the body remembers everything that happened to me. Not only happy moments. All tension, aches appeared from withheld and not expressed or fully survived emotions and experiences. Even the tooth repair or bone fractures areremembered“ and stored by the body.

So I invite You to fly“: to get into a vehicle and travel to where the subconscious mind will take you into your body. Sometimes it will be a place entirely distracted from the place where it hurts, or there is a tension, but maybe here everything started …

During the process you will have the opportunity:

  1. to explore emerging memories, sensations, emotions and could survive them completely.
  2. Forgive and ask for forgiveness.
  3. Understand and know yourself better and deeper.

It is time to say goodbye“ for your past and go forward.