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Child or Youngster Therapy

Dear Child or Youngster,

If your parents or other people close to you will suggest you to go to a psychologist, it will probably be that:
1. you are worried inside,
2. sometimes you do not know what‘s happening to you,
3. why a lot of crying, screaming, cursing come out of you,
4. you hurt smaller/ larger animals,
5. you do not listen to your parents,
6. you do not learn or it is very hard to do so,
7. you do not want to go to school,
8. you are bullied by the other children at school,
9. you feel pain somewhere in your body, but doctors can not find the cause,
10. you are withdrawn or feel lonely.
There may be no one here mentioned reason, or perhaps a few listed above.

When we meet in my office, I speak, because I have to know your name and how you are doing? What do you like to do? If you do not want to talk with me, or be timid, we use materials, like pencils, crayons, dough, sand, puppets or anything else that you enjoy, that will help you and me to understand what was going on, it all end?
Only you’ll have to help me. Okay?

For Parents/ Caretakers/ Educators:
Children and Youngsters are advised differently than adults. We use different techniques (sand, clay, dolls, figures, painting, etc.) to help the child or youngster bring to the surface his/her inner world, feelings and with help of game to complete unfinished situations”, that they would lose the emotional charge and the experience of the child or youngster would be integrated.


Duration: 0,5 – 1 hour (depends from age of child, youngster)

Price of meeting: 20 euro.

Ensures confidentiality.