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Group Therapy

1. What is Group Therapy?
This is a therapy that reveals the difficulties of life and try to understand it not only in dealing with the therapist, but also with other people in the group, when discussing everything that is going on between the group members. Fairly common themes – alienation, loneliness, isolation, relationship with others, people’s success or failure causes, problems of expressing feelings, other people need me and my need for others, tolerance and intolerance, anger, life problems, etc.
During participation in group therapy you can solve your problems, understand yourself and others better, try new behavioural techniques and so on.

2. Why Group?
When your thoughts, feelings and actions of a few people respond, they have a much stronger impact than a one human reaction. This helps to better understand yourself and your relationships with other people, to actually see the consequences of communication with them. The group is a mirror where you can see your relationships with people in real life.

3. What are the goals of Group Therapy?
It seeks to promote personal development, gains more realistic understanding of self and others, teaches sincere relationships with other people, solves personal and interpersonal problems.

4. How Group works?
The success of its work depends on several things. The most important are:
1. trust between the participants in the group;
2. helping them to talk about themselves;
3. people with different life experiences participation;
4. a sense of belonging and focus;
5. trained group therapist participation;
6. all participants in the group follow certain rules.

5. Who is a leader of the Group?
It is a qualified psychologist or psychotherapist, specially prepared to work with groups. He/she is a participant in the group, but the group has a specific function. It does not solve group leader’s personal problems here, and seek help group participants to better understand what is going on inside them, and the group supports and maintains the participants of the group.
By T. Saretsky, 1977; from R. Kočiūnas “Psychotherapy groups: theory and practice”, 1998

6. Duration of Group Therapy
Members of the group meet once a week for 1,5-2-3 hour, depends from the nature of the group.
You can participate in the group, which lasts 20 -25 sessions or more. It depends on the purpose for which you attend group therapy.

7. Price of Group Therapy
12-15 euro/ meeting

I. Yalom (1985) about Group therapy:
It is a kind of social laboratory, which continually promotes frank and open relationship with the other participants in the group discussion. This helps to better know and understand your relationships with other people. To discuss the relations with other participants in the group is not easy. This is worrying and makes tension. However, in order to make contact with strangers before it’s inevitable. On the other hand, it is important to establish appropriate relations with the people here in the group, that this experience could be used in everyday situations. It is crucial to see your problems in interpersonal context. It is also important to emphasize that most of the benefit can only be honestly and openly express your feelings arising in the group. This is the most important thing of work.